The BEST Elvis Impersonator in Colorado

 Elvis Tribute Artist Aaron Black 


Winning his 1st competition,

Maxwell Air Force Base,


 "Aaron, You Should Be in Vegas!

You Really Made My Program A Success!" 

Florence Barnes,  Entertainment Director,

Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, AL

Aaron has been an Elvis fan his entire life. As a child, he was honored to see Elvis in Concert 6 times. 

Arron won a karaoke contest while in the Air Force and shortly after that entered an Air Force Tops-in-Blue Talent Competition. He won 1st place and then began his performing career. 

Aaron is also an Award-winning professional Magician and a Comedy Hypnotist. You can visit those websites below.

The jumpsuits worn by Aaron are authentic recreations made by B&K Enterprises. Elvis’ original designer and pattern maker still works for B&K so these costumes are the closest you can get to the real thing! Their suits are the only ones in the world actually endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises!


Aaron owns three Aloha Eagle jumpsuits, two in white and a stunning black version as well! These are authentic $ 3,900 recreations of the famous Aloha Eagle suit, complete with the jeweled cape that Elvis wore in the famous Aloha From Hawaii TV Concert. It is the single most recognized Elvis costume ever and is an exact replica made by some of the same people who designed Elvis’ original jumpsuits. 


Aaron also performs in the famous Blue "Owl" suit and the stunning black and gold "Matador" suit. No other Elvis Impersonator in Colorado has such an impresssive and AUTHENTIC collection of suits!!

The Suits


- Air Force Tops-In-Blue - 1st Place, Musical Category- Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL

- Air Force Tops-In-Blue - BEST-IN-SHOW - Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL

 - Air Force Tops-In-Blue - 1st Place, Musical Category. F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne WY

- Air Force Tops-In-Blue - BEST-IN-SHOW - F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne WY

- Air Force Tops-In-Blue - 2nd Place, Musical Category. Hickam AFB, HI

- Air Force Tops-In-Blue - 1st Place, Musical Category. Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO

- Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, Honolulu, HI-

Aaron did not win, but the guy who finished 1st was named the 2nd best in the WORLD the year before! We were a strong crowd favorite (see below)


Performing at the Ultimate ETA Contest in Waikiki, Honolulu:  (Sorry, the video was taken from the back of the 700-seat Legends in Concert Theater, so the images are a little distant)

"He's The BEST One So Far!!"

 Unknown audience member shouting to the judges at the Graceland-sponsored 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Honolulu, HI

(Aaron was the next to last to perform that night.)